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Carve Disc
  • Carve Disc


      Overall size on plan: Ø250mm (245mm height when upright due to anti-roll bottom)
      Thickness: 25mm approx.


      These boards are made using a single piece of oak board and typically finished using raw linseed oil from a local supplier.

      The WOTZAK logo is machined into the board to accomodate a perfectly flush and lush resin inlay made to last.


      All WOTZAK boards are designed by Phill in the Urbanavitcha studio.

      We also currently make all the WOTZAK stuff ourselves using a combo of hand preparation, CNC machining and hand finishing.

      Unless things get too crazy to cope with demand, that's the way it'll stay.


      Just so we're on the same page, the nature of wood is such that no 2 pieces ever look exactly the same.

      We embrace that in our WOTZAK products and each individual item carries it's own indvidual character with more or less knots than the photos and often a wildy awesome grain variation from board to board.

    • WOTZAK T.L.C

      To keep your Wotzaks going for years and years it's well worth feeding them to help prevent excessive warping and cracking.

      Take your clean and dry Wotzak and give it a coat of your favourite oil* using a brush or lint free rag. Let it sit for a while then wipe off the excess and leave to dry in.

      Frequency of oiling depends on how much abuse you give your Wotzak. It could be once a week or it could be once every few months so do what feels right.

      WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER!! Wipe clean and you'll be ok. If you need to give it a more intense wash, say after cutting raw meat or something real messy - by all means give it a scrub and consider oiling it afterwards.

      *Surf the net and you'll find overwhelming advice on what to use and how often to do it. The general advice is not to use oils that have potential to go rancid, such as vegetable oils and olive oils. We've tried rapeseed oil and some olive oils over the years with awesome results and no ill effects noted.

      BUT based on the much hyped 'potential' for rancidity we suggest maintaining your Wotzaks with either RAW linseed oil or mineral oil. A blend of mineral oil and beeswax is popular too if you wanna get a bit crafty.

      If you're feeling wobbly nervous paranoia, just check that whatever you use is considered 'food safe' or is sold as a specific cutting board treatment.


      Wood is a frickin great material, but planet Earth already needs a butt load more trees than it's currently got.

      That's why Urbanavitcha pledges towards tree planting, to offset both our use of timber and our carbon footprint.

      There are many tree planting schemes with their own advantages - see the main Urbanavitcha website to find out what we're currently signed up to.

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