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Dust Extraction Blast Gate
  • Dust Extraction Blast Gate

    Dust Extraction Blast Gate

    (110mm Soil Pipe to 100mm Flexi duct)


    Self Cleaning Blast Gate For Workshop Dust Extraction Systems

    This version is designed to fit over standard domestic soil pipe with an outside diameter of 110mm.

    The other side fits inside standard 100mm diameter flexible ducting.

    Duct clamps are included as per the photo's.

    These gates are a self cleaning design, meaning the slider prevents dust build-up and remains in maintenance free service for longer.

    That being said, the bolted assembly means they are easily serviceable for maintenance or modifications if required.

    We are currently offering it in green moisture resistant MDF (sanded, no paint or finishes) and birch plywood (sanded, Odie's Oil finish).

    This product is entirely designed and manufactured at the Urbanavitcha workshop in Norfolk, UK.

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